Rabies Vaccine

Price : £85* per dose
No. of Doses : 3
Age : Adult and Junior (1yr+)
Course Length : 21-28 Days, accelerated schedule is 7 days
Protection Length : 2-5 Years*

*prices are subject to change during market shortages
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Rabies, a severe viral infection impacting the brain and nerves, is transmitted through the saliva of infected warm-blooded mammals. Typically, transmission occurs through bites or scratches, commonly from infected animals, notably dogs.

How is the Rabies vaccine given?

Administration of the rabies vaccine involves a series of injections, typically three doses distributed over 28 days.

In cases of time constraints, the schedule can be adjusted to 21 days or, in some instances, 7 days.

Most travelers won’t require booster doses; however, a one-time booster may be advised if traveling to a rabies-prone area after one year of the initial vaccination. For those at occupational risk, a booster after one year, followed by periodic boosters, may be necessary.

How well the rabies vaccine works and how long it lasts

The effectiveness and duration of the rabies vaccine: After completing three doses, approximately 95% of individuals gain some protection against rabies. The duration of this protection varies, typically lasting a minimum of 2 to 5* years. Individuals consistently at risk may require one or more booster doses to ensure continuous protection.

*(dependent on individual circumstances)

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We know that travel plans can change unexpectedly. With our Same Day Appointments, you can easily fit your vaccination appointment into your busy schedule, whether you’ve just finalised your travel plans or realised you need vaccinations at the last minute.

Rabies Vaccine : Additional Information

Signs and Symptoms

The initial symptoms of Rabies will usually develop after 3 to 12 weeks, although they can start sooner or much later than this. Sufferers can experience the following common symptoms:

  • Feeling anxious or generally unwell
  • Fever / High Temperature above 38c
  • Aches and Pains
  • Confusion or aggressive behaviour
  • Seeing or hearing things (Hallucinations)
  • Producing saliva or frothing at the mouth
  • Inability to move (Paralysis)


Rabies is preventable by having a course of 3 injections of the vaccine that will cover against Rabies. It is highly recommended for travellers travelling to high-risk areas who may be exposed to Rabies due to the limited access to post-exposure medical care.

google reviews badge 4.4 out of 5 90 Reviews

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